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 In the geosynthetic industry, products that consist of two or more components are generally called geocomposites. However, in the local market, composite sheets made from a layer of geomembrane next to one or two layers of geotextile are called geocomposites. According to the number of layers, geotextile material and its grammage, various types of geocomposites can be produced and exploited according to customer needs. The use of geocomposite improves the tear resistance and perforation of the geomembrane sheet and reduces the installation process time. On the other hand, geotextile layers are installed as a protective layer of geomembrane to prevent its vulnerability by sharp and winning elements in the environment. These sheets are used in the construction of railway lines, under-covering landfills and sewers to prevent the leakage of pollutants and environmental problems.

Farnam Baspar Company, with 22 years of experience in the automotive parts and geosynthetic products industry, produces this product with very good surface quality and excellent mechanical properties (resistance to cold, heat, moisture, impact, etc.). Farnam Baspar does its best to achieve quality through appropriate raw materials. That is why it has achieved the standard product method according to GRI GM13 standard and national standard and can comply with any standard desired by the customer.





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