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Griped geomembranes are another type of geosynthetics commonly used to protect concrete surfaces. The main purpose of using griped geomembrane sheets is to increase the service life of concrete surfaces by protecting them against invasive or corrosive environments. These sheets, like geomembrane sheets, are bonded together in various ways such as hot wedge, hot air and extrusion, creating a uniform and impermeable surface.

These sheets are used in cases where the concrete structure needs better general properties (including abrasion resistance and mechanical strength). The use of these sheets achieves both the properties of plastics (flexibility and corrosion resistance) and the properties of concrete (high mechanical strength and stiffness). As a result, while protecting the concrete surface, the useful life of the final structure is improved. Improving the mechanical properties and preventing the growth of cracks created in concrete along with improving the shear properties and impact resistance of the polymer layer are some of the advantages of using these sheets. Increasing friction to the bottom surface and preventing the sheet from slipping on steep slopes, reducing algae growth as well as the amount of sediment on surfaces in contact with water, improving water flow in pipes and providing complete protection of the substrate against chemical intrusion are the most important advantages of such sheets.

The most important uses of this type of sheet are:

  • Concrete water and sewage storage tanks
  • Wastewater treatment tanks
  • Concrete dams
  • Intercity train tunnels
  • Fuel storage tanks
  • Chemical storage tanks

In general, three types of griped geomembrane sheets are used, which are V-Grip, T-Grip and Stud-Grip. Due to the better connection of the V-clamp compared to the two models, this type of sheet has the highest consumption. Farnam Baspar Company, with the benefit of advanced machines and with the help of its experienced personnel, has the ability to produce V and T griped geomembrane sheets with widths of 1 and 3 meters.




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