Arisan upper door trim

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PEUGEOT 405 & Pars Door’s Upper Frame

Arisan upper door trim

The upper door trim is a product that have been designed in very precise and complex process for Arisan pick up

To order the product, please call 021-74687

This product is actually is a connector for transferring hot and cold air from dashboard to the car door, as well as the base of the car window uplift buttons. The leather used in this product is of the first-class type and is attached to the plastic with a strong bond using some kinds of very strong adhesives during several stages of preparation. This part is available in black color for different cars.

Farnam Baspar Company with 22 years of experience in the field of automotive parts and geosynthetic products, specially produces this part with very good surface quality and excellent mechanical properties (Resistance against heat deflection, moisture and impact, etc.). Thanks to the  Farnam Baspar quality control group of the factory and laboratory, which is equipped and always present and supervising, there is no possibility of non-compliant product leaving the factory and the return rate of parts has reached zero.




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