Gas cable control lever

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SAMAND & PEUGEOT 405 Gas Cable Control Lever

Gas cable control lever

The gas cable control lever in the car is used to convert the throttle force of the accelerator pedal to the throttle opening force in the car's cylinder valves; In other words, this lever controls the amount of gasoline entering from the car tank into the engine

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Due to the long work of this part in successive tensions and oily environment, ordinary polymers do not meet the required mechanical properties of this part. For this reason, Farnam Baspar Company uses special engineering polymers with extremely strong tensile and impact properties to produce this part so that it can withstand the pressures in any situation. The high precision of the metal components used in this part guarantees the customer that the part will not be loose in its place of operation and will not cause difficulty in operation.

Farnam Baspar Company with 22 years of experience in the field of automotive parts and geosynthetic products, specially produces this part with very good surface quality and excellent mechanical properties (resistance against heat deflection, moisture, and impact, etc.). Farnam Baspar does its best to achieve product quality through selecting appropriate raw materials.




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