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Dena rear panel trim cover

The design of the Dena rear panel trim cover is completely similar to the Samand rear headlight cover in terms of design and is made of dry and impact-resistant plastic, which is used as the inner cover of the rear trunk of the Dena car.

The location of this part is inside the trunk and the middle of the two taillights of this car. In addition to its beauty due to its leather-like design, this cover has a great effect on protecting the metal body of the box against moisture and shocks caused by filling and emptying the box. Due to the use of quality metal spikes and high quality polyurethane foam, this part is very easy to install and will continue to work for a long time without loosening and problems

   Farnam Baspar Company, with 22 years of experience in the field of automotive parts and geomembrane products, specially produces this part with very good surface quality and excellent mechanical properties (resistance heat deflection, moisture, and impact, etc.). All Farnam Baspar products are in accordance with the most up-to-date design standards in the relevant industry and are produced under the direct supervision of experienced and superior engineers

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