Pride face

The face piece in a car is one of the main parts of its interior decoration. The presence of quality in this piece will certainly make the car more beautiful and eye-catching.

This piece is used for beauty in the car and also as a kind of cover for the car door from the inside. Farnam Baspar Company is one of the manufacturers with a history in the field of production of Pride face and has always had a market share in this part. The leather and fiber used to produce this product are first-class, and the metal drain produced from galvanized sheet also increases the flexural strength of this product.

   Farnam Baspar Company with 22 years of experience in the field of automotive parts and geosynthetic products, specially produces this part with very good surface quality and excellent mechanical properties (resistance against heat deflection, moisture, and impact, etc.). Farnam Baspar Company, by establishing sufficient production capacity, has provided the possibility of timely and accurate delivery for all customers.

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