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Who we are?

We are staff member of FARNABASPAR CO. Strictly obligated ourselves to manufacture the product in compliance with relative technical specification, requirement of respective standards and the customers’ demands.

How we do that?

By providing capable and precise production line and well equipped laboratories in addition full trained and experted operators and engineers.

What do we look for?

To submit best qualified products reasonable business behaviors and desirable customer service.

How we support the customers?

Respecting our commitments to all customers and comply with all to obtain full satisfaction.

How we manage all?

By carrying out continuous development and innovative projects and upstanding all to remain top for effective price and effective competition.

Establishing comprehensive managing system which is integration of comment of all individuals who is responsible for carrying out all obligation.

What do we manufacture?

  • More than forty-part NO of automotive part
  • Geo synthetics products including Geo membrane 7, Geo membrane 3, 8.000.000 m2 per year. “Geogride”, “Combogrid”, “Geodrain”, “Geocomposite”, and “Grip Liner”.
  • Variety kind of plastic sheets.

How do we remain in state of art?

Being harmonized with global technical movement for development and innovation plus revising all procedure for better performances.