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Floating Geomembrane

Water storage pools
Chemical storage tanks

Features of floating Geomembrane:

The importance of surface evaporation in pools for storing water or chemicals has led the geosynthetic industry to create a new product called Floating Geomembrane. The use of this product significantly reduces the surface evaporation of water or chemicals in storage pools, prevents contamination of the contents of the pool, reduces the growth rate of algae and prevents the production and release of odors. The similarity of consumables in floating geomembranes with geomembranes in insulation of water storage tanks (high durability (between 50 to 100 years) and excellent corrosion resistance against solvents and even acidic environments), has made this product Have a good lifespan. Due use of polyethylene or polystyrene foam in the production of geomembranes in this company, floating geomembranes can go up and down according to the liquid level. Also, due to the buoyancy, it is possible to use the created surface. The main uses of this type of geomembrane are:

  • Water storage pools
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Lndfillsa
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